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About SREC

Founders Bill and Nancy Davis formerly organized the Southern Rockies Education Centers, Inc. non-profit organization in 2012 to carry on their life work of teaching and training individuals in a variety of life skills and creative elements.  For over 30 years they have had individuals in their homes with a variety of life challenges who they have befriended, guided and taught “how to simply live.” In more recent years, the Davis' have had greater opportunities to make a difference in peoples lives through their business ventures. “The marketplace is where the people are.  We can learn so much from each other”

SREC, currently located in Fort Davis, Texas, and now in the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico, combines the beautiful surroundings with the appeal of arts and crafts reminding and teaching American Society basic life principles. Numerous artisans will have the opportunity to demonstrate and teach art, music, creative writing, gardening, canning, food preservation, landscaping, building trades, pottery, candy making, quilting, candle making, music, and many other disciplines through workshop classes.  We plan to host music festivals and a country fair each year. Future plans also include adding storefronts that will be available to artists to market their product, produce and artwork.


SREC provides a training center for personal development promoting art education, science education, nature studies, astronomy, renewable energy, wildlife studies and other scientific and personal development disciplines.

SREC fosters learning by working with scientists, educators, counselors, artists and mentors to create a fun, safe and academically enriched environment.


SREC Southern Rockies Education Centers

Nancy Davis 

SREC Southern Rockies Education Centers

Bill Davis 

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