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SREC Events

The Southern Rockies Education Center hosts a myriad of events.  These range from workshops for the arts to educational experiences for people of all ages.  These events are held at the many different locations involved with SREC and these events focus on education.  SREC also strives to provide after school fun, educational opportunities for young people.

 Summer Camp Dates 

               2018 Camp/Event Dates

Southern Rockies
Shooting Camp

What is Southern Rockies Shooting Camp?

The Southern Rockies Shooting Camp consists of three days of handgun instruction, including night shooting, and two days of rifle instruction.   This is the same caliber of instruction that you would receive at any comparable nationally recognized shooting academy, with the bonus that it takes place in the beautiful peaceful setting of the Sacramento mountains.  You will find a complete outline of the course offerings below, as well as pricing. 


The camp facilities are located within 1.6 million acres of National Forest.  You will stay in dried-in cabins, somewhat rustic accommodations, but they contain a lot of history from 4H camps gone by.  There are kids’ names on the walls which have accumulated from 70 years of campers; kinda cool.  The food is all home cooked and quite good (not your typical camp food).   It is also a bonus that you get to leave the brutal heat of August and go to the mountains, where you will definitely need a coat.   You will make some new friends, and you will find yourself in a state of happy detox from this busy life that we tend to get caught up in. Add to this the firearm skills that you will obtain during the week, and it’s a WIN-WIN situation.  This class is designed for the CHL holder or new firearm owner. 

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Southern Rockies Camp & Retreat Center  

Southern Rockies Shooting Camp - July 29 - August 4

Cloudcroft 3-D Shoot - August 4 & 5

Health Workshop on the Mountain - August 22 - 28

Sukkot Fall Festival - September 23 - 30

Art Workshop - October 2018

DYI Home Projects - Fall 2018

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