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Southern Rockies Camp and Retreat Center

Where generations of New Mexico and Texas Youth have experienced Camp

​Southern Rockies Camp and Retreat Center is currently being remodeled to reach our vision of a multipurpose facility that can be used by people of all ages.

What we see in the future is a summer camp with young people running and playing, shouting, squealing and laughing as they play games, work on crafts, ride a “zip-line” through the trees and race on trails.  They design rockets out of one and three liter sodas bottles and shoot the rockets filled with pressurized water far into the air to the delight of the designer and observer.  Archers go off to conquer the bull’s eye, or the hikers go out to maneuver the trails made by wildlife.  Campers climb, hike and become one with the animals on the trail as they learn the flora and fauna of the Sacramento Mountains.  Mountain bikers maneuver trails designed by the Forest Service for two-wheel traffic – the camp being the perfect location for the latest craze in BMX. At night, gathered around a campfire, campers participate in stories of the day, songs and the legend of Scott Able, the hero of the mountains.

There are adults involved in art workshops being instructed by artists from across the nation in landscape painting, 'plein air', still life and wildlife art; crafters learning and honing skills that produce objects of pride.  Campers will learn to cook with a Dutch oven giving the site an array of earthy aromas. 

Then comes winter. The camp will transform into cozy winter cabins with wood burning fireplaces that host hunters, families, service men and women who want to snow shoe, sled, tube and cross country ski.  How about a three-mile road closed for the winter turned into a downhill playground during the winter season?

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