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News Items-

  • The Mike Capron Art Spring Workshop held May 22 - 25 was a huge success.  The morning was perfect for the plein-aire session on the grounds of the Davis Mountains Inn. We look forward to his fall workshop in September.  Call now for information.  Date TBD this week.

  • Pottery Workshop,  Christmas Home Decor Wreaths, Ribbons and Bows with Bill and Nancy Davis coming in October - get ready for Christmas!

  • SREC's first year of After School Programs for Elementary Age Children closed out with a homemade ice cream party that the kids made.  Christi is so creative in her teaching methods.  The 50 kids!!!  that is right 50 kids made ice cream in plastic bags and lots of shaking.  Write to us to get more information if you would like to incorporate this event in your school.  With the kind of numbers that we experienced last school year we will need volunteers to assist with the programing for this year.  Contact us at

  •  The NSO Headquarters now located at Sunspot Observatory is relocating to Bolder Co. and the facilities at Sunspot, New Mexico were slated for closure.  Over the past 18 months SREC and the NSO have been negotiating a repurposing plan for the facility. Bill and Nancy will be going to Washington D.C. to make a proposal to the National Science Foundation. This is a tremendous opportunity to expand the outreach of the Southern Rockies Education Centers, Inc. Stay tuned!

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